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SMM strategy:

We will help you develop an SMM strategy, identify your target audience, select social networks to be present on, and determine key success metrics.

Social profile management:

We will take care of managing your social profiles, including content creation and publication, management of comments and messages from customers, analysis of effectiveness, and profile optimization.

Analytics and reporting:

We will provide you with monthly reports that will include data on the effectiveness of your SMM strategy, competitor analysis results, audience analytics, and other metrics, so that you can assess the effectiveness of your SMM efforts.

Content marketing:

We will develop a content strategy for your social profiles, creating textual, graphic, and video content that will capture attention and generate engagement from your target audience.

Choose one of our plans for SMM


  • Spravujte 1-2 účty na sociálních sítích
  • Vytvořte základní obsah
  • Spravujte reklamní kampaně
  • Základní analýza propagace
    (bez výdajů na reklamu)


  • Spravujte více účtů na sociálních sítích
  • Vytvářejte vysoce kvalitní obsah včetně video a audio materiálů
  • Vypracujte strategii SMM
  • Správa komplexních reklamních kampaní
  • Podrobná analýza propagace
    (bez výdajů na reklamu)


  • Všechny služby z balíčků Basic a Advanced
  • Hlubší analýza propagace
  • Pravidelná konzultace s klientem
  • Personalizovaný přístup k propagaci na sociálních sítích
    (bez výdajů na reklamu)
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SMM agencies offer a wide range of services, including the development and implementation of social media marketing strategies, content creation and management, results analysis, management of advertising campaigns on social networks, as well as audience engagement and reputation monitoring.

By using SMM services, you can gain professional management of your social media accounts, effective promotion of your brand on social networks, increased activity and engagement of your audience, as well as improved brand recognition and growth in the number of followers and customers.

Prices for SMM services may vary depending on the scale and complexity of the project, the country and region where the agency is located, as well as the specific services you choose. Usually, prices are negotiated individually with each client and may include monthly service fees, content creation costs, advertising payments, and other additional services.

Results from SMM services may include an increase in the number of followers and likes, growth in activity and engagement of the audience, improved reputation of your brand on social networks, as well as increased website traffic and enhanced brand recognition. However, results may vary depending on various factors and may take time to achieve.

When choosing an SMM agency, it is important to consider their experience, reputation, portfolio of past work, and client testimonials. It’s also important to clearly communicate your goals and expectations to ensure that the agency aligns with your needs and objectives.